PBA Triple Crown Chase | EJ Tackett at the 2023 U.S. Open

EJ Tackett looks to become the ninth player in PBA Tour history to complete the Triple Crown. Tackett won the 2016 PBA World Championship and 2017 PBA Tournament of Champions.

For the second consecutive year, Tackett was the tournament leader into the U.S. Open stepladder finals. This year, he looks for redemption.

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16 Comments on “PBA Triple Crown Chase | EJ Tackett at the 2023 U.S. Open”

  1. Would have been happy with either being the victor. Even as a two-hander, I was pulling for EJ this year man. Congratulations EJ!

  2. Still throws me back to last year when Dom Barrett when he done it last year when I was there in person and I told Dom after the show that was a nice react he became the first European to ever win this triple crown at the TOC & he’s 2-0 on EJ Tackett!!!

    1. I know EJ, Zac, Ed, and Angie since the boys could barely walk. It’s nothing personal. His Dad has been his coach his whole life and they have an incredible bond. Trust me, no one messes with Angie’s boys and they love their mama just as much!

    2. @Ashley Rae Thanks for this Ashley. In 2019 at the World Series one evening I bought EJ and Natalie a cocktail to wish them well on their upcoming wedding. They are first class.

  3. I saw Matt Sanders’ video on him and EJ bowling a state high school match. Everything he’s put in since has been incredible! I love EJ, I’m glad he brought home the hardware this year!

    Edit: 21:16 great sportsmanship by Kyle too, he’s happy for him!

  4. Thanks for this wonderful production of a great tournament. Well done including the format. A couple of dozen of us were watching Saturday at Thunderbowl after qualifying for the MDUSBC Sr Masters with Tom and Vicki. Justin and Frank didn’t let us down. Can’t wait for the Master’s.

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