PBA USA vs. The World – WSOB VIII

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The USA vs. The World exhibition from World Series of Bowling VIII. Originally aired Sunday, January 8 on ESPN.

Team World: François Lavoie, Martin Larsen, Arturo Quintero, Dom Barrett, Sam Cooley.

Team USA: Dick Allen, Matt O'Grady, BJ Moore, Mitch Beasley, EJ Tackett.

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31 Comments on “PBA USA vs. The World – WSOB VIII”

  1. USA! USA! USA! It’s great to see USA on top. And, it’s also great to have Kimberly Pressler as part of the PBA Coverage for ESPN.

    1. I was there for all events from qualifiers through the finals. I didn’t care for how the pattern playoffs were done as well. The best I can figure is that the format was setup for tv run time. ESPN had a travel crew of about 25 people, and then they hire additional local help at each location, so their expenses are pretty high. Pressler, Pederson and and other would have to be paid also, I do not know if the PBA paid them or the ESPN.

  2. Judging from the comments when I hadn’t seen it yet I thought the guy went on a full on rant about Trump instead of that one comment he made. Calm down y’all.

  3. I’m glad the show got moved and I didn’t watch it. Now I know what happens and what Quintero says I wont be watching now.

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