Pete Weber Attempts 300 Game in 2021 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open

During opening-round qualifying of the 2021 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open, Pete Weber has the first nine strikes. Here's his 10th frame.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling August 2, 2021 from Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, Michigan.

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24 Comments on “Pete Weber Attempts 300 Game in 2021 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open”

  1. I miss PDW on the regular tour…always and forever The Champion, The Legend, The GOAT. 300🎳❀🀟

    1. I totally agree. He has always been in the hunt. Urethane era. reactive era. WRWII is great but seldom seen him inside. WRWII, like Liz Johnson and bowlers like Haugen are very dominant with outside shots, but Weber has won with every arrow. His roll is also unique having so much of that side-on large track that made him able to throw the big hook with about 1/2 the revs as others, thus keeping it consistent. Remember too he has had numerous divorces, suspensions, alcohol, and loss of his parents yet has won so much and just about every tournament available. His balance, his release, his overall bowling game is one of the best ever year in year out. Often he had attitude problems but I felt it was all part of the “show”. He was always a factor and people would tune in to see his antics, much like Ernie Schlegel. Nevertheless, I feel Pete is a good person inside – just has fire as a competitor. He proved and still does that he became much better than his father, and that is to say a lot. That last ball in the US Open “who do you think you are” was FLUSH under all that pressure. It was thrown to perfection in such hard flat condition. Weber, to me, is the greatest PBA tour player in history.

    2. @The Masked Bowlerator I relate with him on so many levels…and yes I totally agree, he is a passionate competitor, and deep down, a good person. πŸ‘

    1. We all do. But with the crazy oil patterns of today, you need to be able to play the first arrow on the right as well as over the gutter cap on the left, throw the ball 19+ mph, and be over 425 RPM, just to compete with the young guys. The patterns are too tough and the competition too nasty for Pete to bring one of the tour’s best games from the 90’s and compete regularly.

  2. Over 50, low revs and low ball speed, a small guy, and yet PDW can still calmly crank out a 300 game like it’s nothing. Definitely a HoF’mer and one of the 5 greatest bowlers of all time.

  3. Everyone bow down, to one of the greatest bowlers in PBA, his name is Pete Weber, but some of us call him, “PDW”. Congratulations on 300. Good Luck in the Tournament.

  4. Ofc course theres gonna be something dropping right as he starts his approach. Classic competition

  5. Never get tired of watchin PDW bowl. You never have to worry about how Pete’s feeling, he wears his emotions on his sleeve.

  6. The ease and grace are astonishing. I for once agree with Randy, “The best physical game ever in bowling.”

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