16 Comments on “Pete Weber “Bad Boy””

  1. PDW and Storm is the perfect match ! How i wish i get to see this talented man in live action !

  2. Fantastic release that cannot be imitated. Probably the greatest bowler, in my opinion, to ever lace them up

  3. i LOVE Pete Weber. Had a chance to meet him and watch him bowl a couple months ago. it was freakin AWEsome !!!

  4. @ipittythefool300 I remember a time back when Pete first started. He was in his early 20’s and his squad was done bowling. Where was Pete? Shooting pool with fans and having a beer. So many of them are so arrogant but there are a few exceptions. Pete, Norm Duke and Tony Reyes come to mind. Really down to earth guys!!!!

  5. and apparently you “love to spooge” on your computer in your free time. hes on tv making more money than you and i. plain and simple

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