Home video of Pete Weber throwing a 269 game during qualifying for the PBA 1997 Bud Light Classic. He was bowling next to the TV PAIR.
Look at the line he is playing….insane!
Bowling on the pair is Ricky Ward and Dave Wodka.
Peter Hakim is also seen in this video at the end.

Pba should use some of these views. Nice to see the angle of pocket entry.

By the way.. Rob Stone SUX.

22 Comments on “PETE WEBER BUD LIGHT CLASSIC PBA 1997 Great View !!”

  1. wow…great video….!!! This is like a time capsule….hard to believe this is more than 10 years ago

  2. Awesome video…he was on fire this year after struggling the last 2 years before. Thanks for this post!

  3. @BIGGREENLEAF1 Event was held at:
    Sports Plus
    110 New Moriches Rd.
    Lake Grove, NY 11755

    “After 11 years, the sports emporium known as Sports Plus Entertainment Center in Lake Grove will close its doors June 30th, 2007”

  4. @dsny11 It was sad to see that place go. The ladies pro bowlers tour held a stop in this bowling center in 1997 and it had been the first tine that the women professionals bowled a national event close to the big apple! The event was won by Carol Gianotti-Block.

  5. Kinda new to bowling.. and im quickly figuring out Pete Webber is a bad bad man when it comes to the sport lol.. I enjoyed the vid thanks! Im headed to the alley in about an hour.. excited after this!

  6. @IveGotYourChange I agree with you. More oil would be a great thing,, Problem is people would rather shot a 260 and lose.

  7. I’m not new to bowling, but i am new to trying to throw a hook ball like Pete does. So, someone tell me, how do you properly throw a hook ball? I’ve thrown a straight ball & have been bowling since i was around 12 or 13, i’ll be 30 in a few days from now. I’ve tried a hook ball a few times, but was unsuccessful about it. Do you flick your wrist somehow?….i’m very curious about it. It looks like the hook ball gets more strikes, versus the straight ball, towards the pocket.

  8. @001GenLee don’t break the wrist, keep your hand behind the ball…notice the thing on pete’s wrist that helps with it

  9. So i see. This past Wed. night at the local bowling alley, the last game i bowled a 223 with my 8 lb. bowling ball. =) See, i’m a straight thrower, i don’t hook mine one bit. I start out in the middle and aim towards the front arrow, or the 3rd left or right arrow and the middle front one, and when i do that, my ball ( most of the time ), goes into the pocket. If i get a nervous feeling, my wrist will sometimes go “lazy” on me, and the ball misses the pocket.

  10. @Sammydavisjrsr That’s funny, I heard someone else talking about him doing the same thing about fifteen years ago. Thought they were joking at the time. Guess not.

  11. The place had just opened, the lanes were brand new and very lively.. i never had bowled on synthetic before.

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