20 Comments on “Pete Weber, Champion Bowler.”

  1. @patriotfan8112 good question on the first….the second question well it’s to keep the set lights from blinding his view of the lane, it’s pretty bright if you look

  2. It’s a good catch phrase to blurt out after a minor accomplishment, like winning at beer pong, just to see who gets the reference.

  3. Nah this is legendary! When I shoot a big three playing pickup ball I say WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!

  4. Moreover, look at what he went through en route to winning that title–in particular, the fan that busted his chops through all three of his matches and the PBA, for whatever reason, not doing anything about it. I’ve walked a mile in those shoes (albeit not on nearly as big a stage as this) and I can tell you from first-hand experience that he was holding back a LOT of anger; THAT’s what you saw him release after that shot!

  5. “I got it yes! I got it, yes! That is right, i did it. I’m number 5. Are you kidding me? That’s right! Who do you think you are? I am! Did it right”

    Well if you say so. But i still don’t think #5 is something to celebrate

  6. I remember my drunk uncle screaming the same thing to his more successful brother at thanksgiving.

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