Pete Weber Chasing 300 in Kokomo Classic

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Pete Weber on the front nine during qualifying at the 2016 PBA Kokomo Classic. Here's his 10th frame as seen live on Xtra Frame.

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21 Comments on “Pete Weber Chasing 300 in Kokomo Classic”

    1. Actually it’s because Storm pays him to use their equipment.

      With that said, I’ve always been a storm/roto grip guy.

  1. I bet if you’ve been a solid pro as long as Pete has, he isn’t too shaken up going for that 300, and even if he misses it, probably has a 100 under his belt. I just bowled my first 300 ever the other night, and i was all super gitty after getting 8 in a row. I had a feeling it was finally going to happen. Pete’s all stone faced, just going through the motions

  2. How did Wallace fail to notice that the 6-pin spot was horribly butchered by the pinsetter for his spare attempt? Did he just not care?!

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