Pete Weber Drops F Bomb On Live TV, Goes Out With A Bang

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Just hours after announcing his retirement from the PBA Tour, Pete Weber went out with a bang, dropping an f bomb on live television.


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33 Comments on “Pete Weber Drops F Bomb On Live TV, Goes Out With A Bang”

  1. 0:20 Watch your language, PDW! Anyway, good job on your legend career.

  2. So what if an F-bomb gets out. Lots other worse things on live tv. WAP at the grammyโ€™s was way worse and thatโ€™s acceptable now.

    1. @Dana Danarosana An ex professional bowler and one of the current TV commentators for the PBA.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador Hmm… never heard of Randy Peterson… I thought he might’ve had him confused with PBA HOFer & TV color commentator Randy Pedersen…

    1. Jason Belmonte
      Walter Ray Williams Jr.
      Earl Anthony
      Pete Weber
      Mark Roth

      Top 5 pba players of all time in order. No debate.

    2. @Brian Skala you left out Marshall Holman, Norm Duke, Johnny Petaglia, Mika Korvenemi, Chris Barnes,Parker Bohn!

  3. I can’t think of a more appropriate headline that “Pete Weber drops F-Bomb on live TV during his retirement announcement.”

  4. I think he gets off on being the “bad boy” of bowling. Love watching him though. Always entertaining.

  5. He sounds so drunk lol. What a way to go out! Like him or hate him, Pete Weber will always embody the awesomeness of bowling and the PBA.

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