18 Comments on “Pete Weber freaks out after 2012 PBA US Open win”

  1. He’s not “freaking out”. He’s emotional. The man just made HISTORY and went through a grueling match set to do it. Give him a break. I’ve seen football players far more emotional at a single touchdown.

  2. @princeoftidds The same ones that document any other sports records. Google it — as if you actually were looking for an answer….

  3. I wish this video would have shown like 10 seconds prior – I was there in person and didn’t hear this until I saw the telecast but as he’s taking a deep breath he whispers to himself “*whew*…. Balls out….”

  4. his wife’s face is the best part of this whole video. not because she’s attractive but she gives him the look like “you promised me you wouldn’t be a jackass, knock it off”

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