Pete Weber Gets Mad

Longtime professional bowler Pete Weber won his 5th career US Open Sunday. The event did not go unprecedented, however. Weber heard cameras go off during his approach. The video of Weber yelling at the fans are hilarious.
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24 Comments on “Pete Weber Gets Mad”

  1. @yabadaba300 SMH and the real video is so much funnier. It would have been so much more entertaining to see them cover that one. “Who do you think you are? I AM!”

  2. Exactly its not just your form and throwing the ball its knowing the oil pattern and how it will change and making small changes in your release down to centimeters or changing your stance by inches its a very challenging sport.

  3. How about you put your money where your mouth is, and actually bowl against someone. A**hole bowling is a great sport.

  4. These guys are clueless.. Bowling is a sport, how can you downgrade bowling as not being a sport. A lot goes into shot making, I’d like to see you bowl one right into the gutter…

    1. Yes, this is why I prevent telling my “friends” at school that I bowl. They always say something like “oh, that’s not a sport”. I am like tf yes it is

  5. I don’t think either one of these guys could keep the ball on the lane the entire game if they wanted to.

    1. The correct statement is exactly opposite of what you commented. You probably don’t think golf is a sport either. FYI, there are more strange sports in the world that really shouldn’t be called a sport…

  6. This was posted today after Pete Weber won the 2012 US Open the clip they are showing where he gets mad at the cameraman is in 2010

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