1. When he passes away, his gravestone will read “Pete Weber: Whoever you thought you were, he was.”

    1. @StealthKnife in recent months due to COVID YouTube has decreased the bitrate of many 1080p videos and 720p is no longer considered HD

      I actually recall this video being worse quality and YouTube only supported 30fps. YouTube kept the full uploads and replaced the videos with original frame rates in 2014

    2. @Bruhhh Something is wrong with YouTube’s compression lately. It used to be that there was a more compressed MP4 alongside a higher HTML5 video but now it depends what codec your video is and its resolution. I’ve had some recent 1080p uploads that have been ruined by YouTube for unknown reasons. They also delisted 720p as HD as well.

    3. @arvesto The video isn’t uncompressed but it’s compressed WELL. Unfortunately YouTube has screwed things around post-COVID where 1080p has decreased bitrates so depending on your codec you might need to upload higher than 1080p to ensure less compression.

      Also, I remember when this video was first uploaded it was only 720p 30fps and was fairly compressed. In 2014 YouTube started re-uploading previous 60fps uploads at their full framerates.

  2. I realize we’re all poking fun at Pete here, but you’d be excited too if you won $2,500 and a lifetime discount at Carl’s Jr

    1. He has made over 5 million dollars bowling and had a net worth of 3.5 million dollars. From bowling….

  3. When ur family said the remote wasn’t under the couch cushion, but then you find it under the couch cushion when you get home

    1. “I have a dream…”
      – Martin Luther King Jr.

      “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”
      – Shia Labeouf

    2. Within a few hundred years, Descartes’ quote will be rightly forgotten and there will only be the philosophy of Weber.

  4. *Morgan Freeman speaking*
    “It was on that very day, ohhh that very day, Pete Weber found his vindication, and everyone knew, instantly, who they thought were, indeed they were not… and that Pete Weber, well he was.”

    1. @JorgePhloids Crackpipe No it’s just a random picture of one. But I am an Airplane Mechanic though.

    2. @Kiweel Tyler cool, I was a 74 captain for Evergreen in the classic and the 400. Now I am in the A320.

  5. Transcript:
    *”Yes! God damn it, yes! That is why i did it!! I’m number 5, are you kidding me?, That’s right… Who do you think you are?, I AM!!! Get it right!”*

    1. @Baby Valentine Pete said that he was going for something along the lines of “who do you think you are criticizing me? I’m the best.” because during the match some kid was heckling him just loud enough to be heard by Pete and in the sheer excitement he blurted out “who do you think you are I am” instead.

    2. @Baby Valentine People will be analyzing Pete’s statement for millennia alongside the greatest of Greek philosophers.

    1. I just laughed so hard I couldn’t move….dude I keeled over when I read your comment! Thank You!!!!!

  6. This is the most badass, yet confusingly worded, quote I’ve heard since “I am become death. The destroyer of worlds.”

  7. This man has some serious reality warping powers. Doesn’t need infinity stones, Jedi powers, or genjutsus, he just needs to get a strike and he becomes you.

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