Pete Weber & Kelley Flanagan Are Confirmed To Be Dating

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Kelley Flanagan and Pete Weber are now making tiktoks together and we just got confirmation from another bachelor alum that the two are / dating.

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Okay SO it looks like Peter is following in Hannah Brown’s footsteps and quarantining with an old flame. Yep, Peter and Kelley Flanagan are still together after being spotted hanging out in Chicago last week.


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36 Comments on “Pete Weber & Kelley Flanagan Are Confirmed To Be Dating”

  1. When you realize the only mature woman who had it together on the bachelor is back with peter

    1. But was she really the most emotionally mature… her behaviour at the end of her time signalled otherwise, imho

    2. Elisa Shields I’m pretty sure that was a bad edit from the show. None of her dialogue sounded correct on that last episode of her. And like tbh what she was saying wasn’t wrong. Lol she clearly knew they had something so… “chop chop” 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. We only see a limited side of them. Maybe Kelly is not as “mature” as we think she is

    4. +Elisa Shields She had a right to vent. She was by far the most mature and really the best overall pick possible. Expressing frustration over a guy who is tolerating a nut job on one hand and being completely indecisive on another…her behavior was completely justifiable.

  2. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, but how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?

    Way too many. 🤨

  3. Kind of an odd couple. She just didn’t seem to be that in to him on the show. Who knows! Best wishes for them!

  4. Please don’t fall for it Keeper Kelly, Passive Pete is not worth it. He’s too indecisive 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Rosangela plummer , exactly. How does a person heal from two breakups that quick? I don’t get it

    2. Yup.. Wishy washy at his finest! Honestly though, I lost some respect for Kelly. She’s mature and has her life together. She needs a man, not a boy like Peter. I don’t see this lasting long.

    3. The Bachelor producers manipulated him. They wanted what they want to happen not what he wanted. It’s a TV show and he felt the pressure on him.

  5. I think that the bachelor producers totally screwed Peter over. I hope he gets something good out of this.

  6. I do not think that Peter has a clue about what he really wants at this time. It appeared to be strange that Kelley was at the final show as it looks like they where involved prior to Madi coming back in the picture. The Bachelor’s producers along with Chris really did a disservice to Madi and put her in a really bad situation for their own ratings. Terrible.

    1. Terry-Jo Norman Amen! You’re so on the money and more power to Madi. And yes Colton (on several Bachelor Nation shows) was a virgin. Thanks.

    2. Meka Clark I’m a full on saved by grace Christian… I have no judgement for the girl especially in terms of her decision to wait until marriage. However, in this situation her actions appear to be contrived.
      You are 100% correct, God will use ANYBODY he so chooses to do his will and to spread the gospel. He uses me everyday, I don’t even need a PR team, tic tock or professional photography for Insta (not that there is anything necessarily wrong with them in and of themselves) to be blessed and or be a blessing. When God moves in such away, we typically aren’t preplanning how we’re going to look to the outside world. It’s organic in nature and unfolds naturally. I’m sure she’s a great kid there are So many that I admire for their faith, plenty of which are on TV pursuing their passion through various god given gifts. It’s a beautiful thing to behold… you want to see God use people on TV in an organic non PR Firm way… watch what’s going on with a couple of kids over on American Idol. There are several kids over there that the hand of God is absolutely on them, some are proclaiming their faith in Christ, others are not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that God can & even will use contrived scenarios. Just a FYI- a PR Teams sole purpose is to manipulate the onlooker to see whatever it is they want you to see, that is their job.

    3. Terry-Jo Norman-sure, in the real word those conversations would arise in their own way and time… but this show isn’t the real world, there is a time frame and a goal that is reasonably inferred if not specifically dictated in the contract that is signed. A very large percentage of those on the show are there for exposure and to get a job afterwards, I’m not denying that. I just don’t buy into the discussions that occur around how “genuine” this kid is in this situation. Especially after that faux pas on Instagram where she commented on her own post (about how genuine & pure she is) as if she were some fan page.
      I mean…. I’m sure she’s a great kid… just not buying into the genuineness or the innocent poor victim aspect. That’s all.

    4. Yeah the producers manipulated him throughout the whole show so it would happen the way they wanted. It’s a TV show.

  7. Thank you ! Finally someone answered my question ??? There dating. I knew they we’re. It’s so ridiculous that Bachlor Nation has to keep dating eachother a ” BIG SECRET” !!! YOUR NOT MOVIE STARS !!!

  8. As soon as his mom asked Kelley to go to lunch, I knew Madi and Peter were over and it’s just a matter of time. Peter eliminating kelly early showed he didn’t feel chemistry with her but obviously mama Barbara gets the last day. She’ll probably name all his children too

  9. I knew the whole finale was fake! I called it! Barb was “acting” to save her son from public hate, so she became a villain and the focus was on her. I’m so done with this show.

  10. I didn’t really warm up to Kelley, especially when she took the attitude that she was the only reasonable choice! But then by the time this was over I’ve begun to wonder about Peter too! Might be a shame to ruin 2 families!

  11. i think the thing that’s SO weird about this coupling is that kelley was what?? final 6 or 7?! it’s not as weird for hannah to run around with her final 2.

  12. So what!! ……He’s still single…….And I say “it’s ok to keep trying until you get it right”. 🌹

  13. LOL and Nick was trying to go for Kelley too 😂 Good thing he didn’t ask her out cuz that would get real messy 🥴

  14. Keeping an eye on Peter – he really needs to do some searching and figure out what he wants. Great story –

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