Pete Weber (PDW) blowing up at the 2010 PBA Dick Weber Open

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Pete Weber blows up on the professional photographer at the 2010 PBA Dick Weber Open in Fountain Valley, CA 1/31/10.

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20 Comments on “Pete Weber (PDW) blowing up at the 2010 PBA Dick Weber Open”

  1. I Can understand why it was such an important tournament for pete, This is just typical pete weber,

    Maybe he gets it from watching all that wrestling lol (Ala: The Crotch Chop)

    We need more characters like PDW In bowling, This is what attracts people to watch.

  2. He reminds me of Snoop Dogg. Tries to be all tough but could easily get beat up. But yes, I’ll have to strongly agree that we need another PDW on the circuit to put bowling on the map!

  3. I was sitting directly behind PDW and the photographer wasn’t using a flash. The problem was that Pete could hear the high speed shutter during his approach. He specifically says “I can hear it”

  4. @Astromchaser As the ball was off his hand he was already pointing at the guy with the camera. He was going to give him a mouthful even if it did strike.

  5. Isn’t that why he wears sunglasses so if people use their cameras? If he hears the camera then he should wear ear plugs too. lmao

  6. @darkenedwolf9 1. What is a game to most is how this man makes a living so he had every right to do what he did. 2. Try bowling over 40 games just to get to this point on tough conditions and having that happen and tell me you would not be a little “dramatic”. 3. Ratings get a boost every time he appears on TV (That’s not a bad thing)

  7. PDW has every right in the world to be peeved about this…for people to say pros should be in the zone or whatever, you try having people down lane cheering for you and moving…PDW can be a jerk but he is great at what he does…drank many a beers with Pete and loved bowling with him in Japan…Great guy and a class act when you get to know him…

    Simply said, he’s a fierce competitor even during pro ams and anything he’s involved in…

  8. Give me Norm Duke any ole day, I like Stormin’ Norman WAY better than Pete Weber, Norm is the kind of guy that has a ton of class, real personable from what I’ve seen when he makes a TV finals appearance, hope he makes a couple of appearances this season. 🙂

  9. I would LOVE to see his reaction to an old-fashioned above-the-lane ball return…

    Shoot, I think those type of returns did much to improve my concentration. I wonder if he also cusses out the Brunswick A-2’s when the 5-pin drops in the turret and subsequently fills the table…

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