Pete Weber Vs. Ernie Schlegel

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PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Pete Weber Vs. Ernie Schlegel - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

29 Comments on “Pete Weber Vs. Ernie Schlegel”

  1. It looks like Ernie would be more at home in a flower covered VW camper on it’s way to a hippy commune.

  2. On Pete’s ball in the 9th when it appeared to leave a stone 9, Ernie was already halfway out of his seat, “I don’t Believe…… oh”

  3. Amazing… Pete answers by throwing 6 in a row…. incredible… Schlegel just couldn’t be stopped…

    1. @Sludge but he couldn’t get beyond that because he couldnt adjust to any changing conditions. Give him lacquer and a rubber ball? Ill take Ernie. But………….

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