Pete Weber Vs. Mark Roth Hits 1 Million Dollar Mark

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26 Comments on “Pete Weber Vs. Mark Roth Hits 1 Million Dollar Mark”

  1. I would guess he walked off the lanes and said “Goose don’t ever embarrassssss me on the show with that shot that was put down”  cause he would do that… I met him… its his personality

  2. “Young Pete Weber…. He’ll be around a long time and win lots of tournaments”……. Boy if he only knew 😂

  3. It was because of Mark Roth and Holman that I switched from Duckpins to 10 pins in the 70’s along with Earl Anthony who was my bowling idol, especially since I am left handed. I ended up bowling in travel leagues when Danny Wiseman was bowling in our league too. I finished my 10 pin years with my last league average of 221 at the age of 40, back finally gave out on me. Lots of great memories, especially bowling in the Youth Pro Ams for the Fairlanes Open and bowling with the pros.

    1. @The Prez I wish you luck i was bowling this year but i was injured at work so i am taking the rest of the season off to heal i hope that ball still works well for you I imagine it would

    2. @Austin Elkins Thanks I can’t wait to see if this old ball still works in today’s synthetic Lanes condition.Get well Mr.Austin you be back out there rolling them 300 games.Take care.

    3. Savant kid watching this live with his mom…..
      Kid; “Hey mom, that’s the (Who do you think you are, I am) guy!!!
      Mom; What??? 😂

  4. I had a few Angle shirts and rolled Black & Grey balls . Any of you remember those ? They also had a Gold one .

  5. I’m 85 and I can say that many a time I heard “Weber…..!!!” because, you can guess, Weber’s great. Just like Mark Roth

  6. Mark Roth one of the greats. I used to watch him on TV and was very active in the sport. 3rd highest average in the state of Washington for a jr. bowler. Anyway he used to kill me the way he held on to the ball so long before he released the ball onto the lane. That can’t be good for the lane to take that pounding for one thing but man did he make it work and his style was incredibly good. All the fundamentals were there in spades with him and he had a killer instinct as well.
    And then you’ve got Pete Weber with that ultra high back swing. Almost straight up to the ceiling for gods sake. His father did not teach him to do that I guarantee it. And yet look at how accurate and controlled, every aspect of his game is. His nickname should have something to do with ultra smoothness. His finishing position is the best I’ve ever seen in bowling.

  7. Man I bowled so many games at the satilite bowl. It was on michigan ave in dearborn hts. The marque out front of the earth was sold and moved to Chicago. It was featured in the opening of crime story a series which stared a young Dennis farena

  8. I still use Urethane, Pitch Black just works well with me. I tried the newer balls and just didn’t work with my style.

    1. Lol, I swtill use a 40 year old Columbia Yellow Dot and a blue dot for spares and booked 196 for the 2019 season

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