Pete Weber: ‘You Just Have To Know When It’s Time To Quit’

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Pete Weber says competing on the PBA Tour is no longer fun for him anymore as he talks about retiring from full-time competition.


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27 Comments on “Pete Weber: ‘You Just Have To Know When It’s Time To Quit’”

  1. It’s a shame to see one of the greatest bowler of all-time walk down the hall good luck in whatever you do next

  2. Pete Is One Of The Greatest Ever And Put Great Excitement in The Game We Love Pete and Hope He Does Great On The Senior Tour Pete Weber Is Our Favorite Love Georgie And Pete sr SINY

  3. Everyone should be themselves out there. WRW is a low-key guy, and that was OK too. Just being himself. But the sport DOES need hot dogs, too. It helps. Thanks, Pete!

    1. Perfect point Pete……couldnt of had 2 guys further apart of the scale, but we loved them both just as well.

  4. It’s kind of funny because I met him maybe about 10 or so years ago in Raleigh, NC and for some reason asked him “Are you still bowling?” and he said “Oh yeah I’m going to bowl in this tournament and then that one…etc. I guess that was not his time and now it sounds like it is. But I’m glad to hear he will still bowl on the Senior tour. Real nice guy to meet but he was a beast on the lanes!

  5. Maturity from a historically immature pro. I have watched his entire career and rooted against him at first but in the 1990s became his fan. Mr Weber is the most exciting and flamboyant pro bowler ever.

  6. I was in the crowd the fateful day Pete shouted the famous words “Who do you think you are? I am!” I remember that he didn’t talk to the spectators that day, he went right to the practice pair. I remember he joked with Jason Belmonte that if they were in the finals he would bowl two handed and Belmo would bowl one handed, then promptly threw a two handed shot into the gutter. Pete, it was fun to watch you on TV. I’ve used your style as a building block for my game, although I’ve been told I highly resemble Chris Barnes nowadays.

  7. Nice tribute by Belmonte. I agree with everything he said. Watching Pete Weber on Saturday afternoons is one of my fondest memories from those years.

  8. Like he said love him or hate him he brought bowling back. One of the best approaches in the game. Good luck Pete.

    1. Well, Pete and Walter Ray have already been bowling the Senior events for a while now. They’ve done them in addition to the regular Tour events. WRW is right, though, When you bowl your best games and you almost never cash anymore, it’s probably time to stop.

  9. I used to laugh at those who called bowling a real sport with athletes until I joined a league.
    Much like golf, anyone CAN do it, but very few can do it at a high level on a regular basis.

    1. Golf and bowling are consistency sports, which is why they get less respect. Your drunk uncle bowls a 290 or gets a lucky hole-in-one once, and everybody says “How hard can this sport be?” The tiny adjustments golfers and bowlers make are often invisible to spectators and they are what make the professionals really good. But people have trouble seeing it.

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