20 Comments on “Pete Weber’s wife death stare”

  1. There isn’t an ounce of humility in this guy. I friggin love it! This is what sports and competition is all about. He kicked @ss and now he gets to talk ish… I wish other athletes had the stones to say what they really felt.

  2. The video is linked on yahoo! and espn, i don’t if those count towards the view totals but i think thats why it has an unpoportional view to like/dislike ratio.

  3. uh…that wasn’t a death stare
    that was like a “oh damn i love it when he yells like that after making strikes he’s gonna give it to me so hard tonight” kind of stare
    i was mad creeped out

  4. For those who think his wife is mad, she’s not. She was crying tears of joy when she realized he had just won the tournament. She covered her face to wipe away the tears.

  5. Best motivational video ever. If you want to be a winner ever in life, you need to be this charged up. This is a winner… Pete, you are a winner…

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