Peter Weber reveals what he thought when Hannah Brown stepped out of the limo l GMA

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Before the new season of “The Bachelor” takes flight, here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Pilot Pete’s journey so far.

Pilot Pete Weber has had quite "The Bachelor" journey thus far, but even before his new season takes flight, he revealed "I never could have expected it to go that way, but I can say I'm happy."

The man who soared through Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette" and was sent home before the final rose talked to "Good Morning America" about what it was like when she stepped out of the limo at the mansion.

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27 Comments on “Peter Weber reveals what he thought when Hannah Brown stepped out of the limo l GMA”

  1. In another video, when asked if he had closure with Hannah, he didn’t answer. Could they be together???

  2. 😮 😯 😲 My gee, could it be that my prayers were answered, that Peter realized that it’s still Hannah Brown in his heart after his journey as the new Bachelor, and they got engaged? OMG! What a suspense! I just watched the first episode tonight and I was dying with excitement each moment that Hannah B showed up and their heart-to-heart talk towards the end of the first episode was epic! There’s no closure yet between them! Oh, yeah, roll tide Miss Alabama! Go after your man! Keeping my fingers crossed till the end of the show!!!!

  3. He picks hannah

    I think love is hard. I think its easy for us to judge but I do not want to! I hope he is happy with his pick & that is his true love

  4. MY HYPOTHESIS – he gets ready to propose at the end then can’t and leaves without anyone then ends up proposing to her during the final rose. not saying that’s what should happen but i think it’s a possibility 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. caitlin nicole it makes me wonder how it all played out in the end tbh. He doesn’t seem that happy for some reason, I can see it in his eyes 🙁 idk

  5. I have no idea what happened but he looks exhausted. Like, completely emotionally wrecked. Am I the only one that thinks that?

  6. I’m torn between wanting him with Madison because their date was cute but also wanting him with his soulmate Hannah B. I really hope they got the closure that they needed. Either way, I hope he doesn’t regret whoever he chose.

  7. Team Hannah B and Peter here! LOVE IS REAL BETWEEN Hannah B and Peter! PLEASE PICK HANNAH B …LOVE YOU BOTH
    FAN FROM Philippines here

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