Peter Weber’s Parents Don’t Think It’ll Work Out with Madison – The Bachelor

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As Madison and Peter say that they have a long road ahead, but they're willing to do the work, Peter's parents think it'll be harder than they think. Peter's mother, Barbara, says that only Peter is compromising here, and that this relationship simply won't work out. Peter's father seems to agree. From 'Season Finale, Part 2,' season 24, episode 12 of The Bachelor. Watch The Bachelor 2020 MONDAY 8|7c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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  1. It’s not Madi’s fault that it wasn’t “the brightest spot” at the beginning of the relationship! Peter was dating tons of other women and SLEEPING with other women! How is that supposed to make a relationship easy or light or fun?

    1. kimmer824 what am I getting out of context? Mothers know their son and they are two VERY different people. Peter literally played with Hannah’s emotions and lied, no mom is gonna stand for that, before he gets with any other women he needs to focus on himself and realize what he’s doing wrong.

    2. @kimmer824 I didn’t write “fantasy suite=sex”, but there is a great % chance they will b having sex, so if I’m going to be a contestant it is ok if I don’t want to do the “boom boom”, but I’m going in the show aware of the chances that the bachelor and other contestants will be” breaking the bed”

    3. You were assuming it!
      “Hannah also knew the process”… and???
      I’m just saying, why did Madison go in the bachelor as a contestant? Knowing all the shenanigans happening in there, especially being the jelouse type

    4. Awww I love watching your videos on femininity 🙂 and I am team Madi 100% with this one, Barbara ruined the bond between her and that girl from the jump

    1. Barb needs to give her a chance to know her better. We are not perfect. We have all done mistakes in our lives. Maybe if they apologize to each other and get some piece maybe if they still love each other it might work. As long as they love each other for who they are.

    2. I think she is a very caring person and she wants whats best for son. Her reason seems very good to me.

    3. Watching this reminds me of my ex husband and ex MIL. Even my mom was like Barb too. Got rid of em all. Dont have contact with any of them anymore. Life is so much better now. So to all the women that were fighting for Peters heart, you girls dodged a bullet. Big time. Except Kelley, for now at least…

    1. @Sandra T disagree, sean lowe was the bachelor he wasn’t intimate with any of the women on the show, didn’t live catherine until they got married and didn’t become intimate with catherine until marriage, so i think madi was hoping that peter was somehow “sean lowe”

    2. @Sandra T they are people as in men willing to make sacrifices, not everything has to be a compromise

    3. @Rachel Gn disagree, sean lowe who is a christian was the bachelor, so i don’t see why one should be limited to christian mingle? if i haven’t mentioned before, he wasn’t intimate with any of the women, and once engaged, he wasn’t intimate with his partner until marriage, and they didn’t live together, so it’s an individual choice that a man and woman make

    4. @Rachel Gn it doesn’t matter when sean lowe was the bachelor, i made my point which you haven’t addressed

    1. @Maria Hernandez Natal spanish is my first language too. Remember she’s cuban. She’s saying “más” without pronouncing the last consonant. Not only that but what makes more sense, “Di algo mal. Ayúdame,” or “Di algo más. Ayúdame”? Because she did NOT say malo for sure, so it’s one or the other, and I don’t think you can deny mine makes more sense. Also, I put it on video editing software on my laptop to listen to it in detail to make sure. And I’m not the only Hispanic person saying this.

    2. @HumanKaleidoscope te aseguro que dijo mal, es una expresión muy utilizada en las islas de Cuba y Puerto Rico. Esa expresión lo he escuchado de mucha gente desde niña, especialmente gente de su edad. Ella no quería verse como la villana y le pidió ayuda a su esposo que dijera algo mal tambien. La audiencia la estaba atacando y ella quería que todos escucharan que su esposo tambien pensaba mal de la relación.

    3. @Maria Hernandez Natal claro. Independientemente de la traducción el punto es que no se quería ver mal. Mi unica duda es si de verdad alguien iría así de lejos en decir algo así cuando con decir “ayúdame” sería suficiente. De verdad me interesaría ver que diría un experto en ingüística, pero al mismo tiempo da lo mismo. Barb se pasó pero muchísimo y su hijo todavía es un niño inmaduro. Preferiría haberme saltado la temporada, jaja.

  2. This is one of the worst ways possible to get into a relationship: very public, relationships should be private

  3. this is embaressing for the mom and for her son. I would advice this girl to run for the hills. This guy has bagage. Huge bagage and this mother in law is toxic.

  4. She thinks that speaking on Spanish covers up what she’s saying…she does realize that other people speak Spanish too right? Lol

    1. Wow my ears are broken lmao, I heard her say “are you gonna be the bad guy or am I?” In English, I didnt even realize she switched dialects lmao

    2. @Amanda Martinez there’s also some Cuban people agreeing that it’s “más,” so it’s really so difficult. Also because she left Cuba decades ago so that could even play a role in it but idk. I just wish a linguistics expert or something would say what it is either way lol 😂 but like you said bottom line is peter needs to grow the f up

    3. @Orlando oh please, she only said “ayúdame”. Dejen de tergiversar todo. No sean así. Además, esa mujer está defendiendo a su hijo.

    4. @Raw Oyster Callate . Keep eating Oysters , dollface. They are the size of your brain. 😂🤣😂🙄.. Just playin’. 🙏. ….Happiness and safety.

    5. @TruthBecky : I don’t know what is more doltish:
      Your punctuation, your sense of “humor” or your inability to take criticism.
      Smfh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Logan White honestly he’s probably got no personality because of that Fucking woman raising him and stripping him of his individuality in place whatever the hell she wants

    2. @FBI we got em or he just needs to grow a pair lol. He’s in his late twenties he needs to stop letting his mother control him and be his own person. His parents control his career, his love life, what else is left?

    1. Moo moo Chicken but if Chris was already asking him a question why would the wife tell him to say “mas”

    2. “Algo más” is an established phrase. “Algo mal” sounds awkward and contrived, not to mention really careless since she must know that there are plenty of Spanish speakers out there, like all of us debating this, and she is trying to paint herself in the best light.

  5. the husband just knew that he should keep quiet, there was no compromise in their relationship.

    1. Sean Lopez ooookkkk….so how does a married couple, a union blessed by God, procreate without ejaculation? What are you doing on this YouTube channel and have you considered taking medication? I realize there is evil in this world, but you will not succeed in enlightening anyone rambling on like that…especially to a fan base that watches the Batchelor.

    2. The husband is saying that… there should be LOVE at first sight. Madison and Peter should CLICK. But it didn’t happen that way.

    3. I’m glad I’m not this invested in my son’s relationships. He dates. He brings some girls home, not others. I like some more than others. He has no idea which ones! I never mention it. I treat them all like they hang the moon. I just don’t get that involved in it.

    4. Not all Latina’s mother in law are like that. My mom supported us. Some are so into there kids live but some let them live there lives. She needs to let him grow up if he wants grand kids.

  6. A previous girlfriend of Peter’s came forward today saying Barb was horrible back when they dated years ago, his mother broke them up & manipulated the entire situation.

    1. @Besma Jubran yep, he’ll be single forever unless he puts strict boundaries up with her.
      The day they split the mom and her friends sing “leaving on a jet plane” and just laugh it up. She’s not remorseful, it’s horrible honestly. He’s lived a life of narcissistic manipulation and it makes so much sense why he is how he is now.

    2. @Kristina LaRue you know if her parents were there they would’ve had some choice words to say. I think if they invited his parents then her’s should’ve been there too. She dodged a bullet for sure.

    3. @Amy Kearsing Peter is gonna have a very tough time meeting a woman, who is patient enough to put up with her.

    1. Lol he kinda did. If he went too hard on her ppl would say he mis-treated his Mother on Tv..
      It’s a lose/lose.. I think he handled it decently

    2. Sean Yager yea. i don’t blame peter for what he did bc that’s what he’s been raised to do. madison better be glad she doesn’t have to put up with that

    1. we dont know what they are truly like beyond how they act on TV. Barbara might have even been paid to act like a bad person for millions to see (who wants the world to think of them as a hatable person?). we dont know. despite Madison being religious, that doesnt mean she’s pure at heart, its possible both of them could be bad and awful and have a dark side. but one thing seems to be the case, Peter really is too dumb to invest an emotional bond and serious marriage with. perhaps Barb’s attitude towards Madison is justified, though Peter is not innocent either, each are after their own selfish conveniences, otherwise they wouldnt bother if they saw nothing of value from them.

    2. So many exes with these mothers. They’re horrible, my boyfriends mom is my best friend but she doesn’t butt into any part of our relationship lol. There needs to be separation.

  7. The fact that Hannah Anne mentioned that Peter told her he needed to talk to Hannah B for “closure” makes it seem like he just doesn’t know what he wants and he’s not totally over Hannah B…

    1. @Sara D I agree, that way marriages work out better. But that’s not how it Really happens and we all know it. Many people get married after dating for about two years, but this show allows much less time so guess what? Go figure.

    2. @Markus E I guess I’ve never understood the whole “closure” thing. When I broke up with boyfriends, they were dead to me, and I never wanted to see them again. Lol. Clean cut and move on.

    3. @Sara D I understand. But every single one of us is different, that even something about us that appears minute for others can be something life changing for others. The brain and mind are too complicated for any one, even researchers, to label something and be done with it.

    4. @Markus E I understand that we’re all different, but I was just saying that I personally don’t get it. What is gained from talking to the person later? The relationship is still over. I just don’t get it. It seems like beating a dead horse.

  8. 2:37 Barb whispers to Peter’s Dad: “Di algo mal tambien, ayudame” 👀 Translation: say something bad too, help me.

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