Pin Action: Why do you leave the “ringing” 10-pin?

Ever wonder why you leave that pesky "ringing" 10-pin? This video shows the difference between a "ringing" 10-pin and a perfect strike on two shots thrown by PWBA champion Kelly Kulick during the 2015 USBC Queens.


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31 Comments on “Pin Action: Why do you leave the “ringing” 10-pin?”

  1. Move a half board right if you’re a righty and half a board left if you’re a lefty. Same target.

  2. I, too, noticed this years ago and have been saying it to unbelieving cohorts for years. I do think it is odd that the “perfect” strike ball does NOT hit the 9 pin. The 9 is one of the four pins the ball is supposed to hit to generate a strike. It would have, but the 3 takes it out before the ball gets there. BTW – the guy kicking the ball return is a LEFTY…LoL He left a 10 for a completely different reason I would suspect. Prolly the only time he’ll be in a vid with KK.

  3. I want everyone to know that I am glad I can give insight on why a ringing 10 pin is not the ball returns fault……..ALLEGEDLY. I still believe it has something to do with it   #kicktheballreturn

    1. @Robert OConnor Moving up or back is always my first adjustment when I leave a 7 pin. I am a lefty by the way. It is the easiest thing to do. I don”t have to change anything else just where I stand on the approach.

    2. Moving back or moving left are typically the first two adjustments that most players can make. If you are happy with the shape of the ball path, moving left ½-1 board first is probably a better option. If you don’t like the speed of the ball and feel that the ball is driving too soon then moving back is probably your first adjustment. The toughest part about moving back is sometimes it has the unintended effect of having the speed of the ball increase but the Rev rate does not increase in the same proportion to match up. Other times it can make the ball speed decrease and now you are on the headpin or crossing over.

      Additionally, moving back might help you get the ball on the lane sooner if you don’t change the lay down angle (more or less loft) which means it’s going to maintain more speed down lane before it transitions into its hook and roll phases. Essentially you’re modifying your lay down distance which can also smooth out the ball motion and give you a better pocket hit. Moving forward or backwards can also cause problems sometimes if the heads are either very wet or very dry.

      Another thing you can do is to move your eyes closer to the line or farther toward the pins along your intended ball path. This can adjust when you get the ball on the lane and can change the time the ball is in each phase. This varies from bowler to bowler, because of the little nuances that bowlers change when they move the distance of their eyes. For example, if a bowler looks farther, they might loft it and that can make the ball slow down and you might end up with the same result, or it could help, depending on how the bowler adjusts their foot and ball speed. It’s a personal preference, really. You just have to make the adjustment that you feel most comfortable in making that allows you to change the least amount of variables and stay consistent from shot to shot in order to get that ball to enter the pocket and deflect less.

    3. I throw a cheap Twist bowling ball at league because I’m somewhat rev dominant. And I play the oil line so I don’t have to adjust much. But I can start leaving lots of 10 pins, especially in game 3. I think I need to explore higher differential balls that still get down the lane.

  4. Showing this to my son, since “dad doesn’t know anything”….granted I’ve bowled longer than he has been alive x3!!!

  5. Love these videos to show me and tell me what to do, but that annoying music in the background really needs to go. It sure doesn’t help. Just show me and tell me. Turn off that mess in the background. Its distracting, and noisy.

    1. +Linda Owens I agree. It is almost universal these days, but especially on the USBC site. I sent them an email about it, but it hasn’t helped.

  6. I’m left handed, I do the old school adjustments by moving back 1/2 step when I start leaving 7 pins most of the time it’s me not doing something right my nemesis is the 8 pin, that’s 1/2 step forward. then I’ll move left or right accordingly.

  7. If I leave a ten pin, I just reduce my ball speed a tiny bit. I know a lot of people move over a board or two, but I tend to bowl by feel. I give that ball another half-second to turn up. I get a little less power that way, but a better strike angle. I learned that from Tommy Baker and, later Chris Barnes. It may or may not work for you, But that’s my go-to before I start opening up the lane.

  8. This was me last night I left ten 10 pins in 3 games. About half of them were ringing so loud you’d think I got slapped in the eardrum.

  9. Fine! I’ll stop cursin at the alley when kids are around. Didn’t have to make a video aimed at me directly.

  10. I was pissed last night in my league. I wound up with 8 or 9 ringing tenpins! No weak tens. I usually don’t wind up with that many. A couple of other bowlers on the pair also wound up with a few. I hadn’t punched the ball return in 10 years UNTIL last night! I hope the breaks even out next week. Maybe the pins were off-spot but it really couldn’t be detected.

    1. Richard Brake I did the same thing this Tuesday but I think it was more like 7 times instead of 9 lol

    2. Did same thing but I am horrible at picking up the ten pin would be well over 200 bowler of i could pick them up

  11. Left 2 ringing and 1 flat all in a row and converted them all for the first time in forever. 219.

  12. Thanks for posting this video. When I used to bowl league, I always wondered why I wasn’t as surprised as others when I left a 10 pin or someone else did. I always assumed that I threw the ball a touch fast or missed my target, resulting in a slightly late or less than ideal/weakeer entry into the pocket. Maybe I wasn’t being too pessimistic after all! 😂

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