Pins Fight Back: Sean Rash & O’Neill Get Coldwatered

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Sean Rash and Bill O'Neill think they have strikes but the pins at Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater, Ohio, have a tendency to fight back.


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13 Comments on “Pins Fight Back: Sean Rash & O’Neill Get Coldwatered”

  1. The best one I’ve seen was in league a few years ago , guy smashed the pocket leaving the 5-10 a pin came flying across the deck hit the 5 pin and stood in its place !

    1. @Trevor Phillips Yes those pins are terrible. Many years ago we tried the at the center I worked at. Those damn pins broke parts of the machine that almost never breaks. The necks of the pins would break clean off, and the amount of out of ranges went way up. We had enough and shipped those garbage pins back to Germany and went back to using the AMF Amflight II pins.

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