[PODCAST] Norm Duke Speaks To Coaching Two Handed Bowling

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The 38-time PBA title-winner says the sport is moving toward two-handed bowling, which is why he’s invested so much in being able to teach it.


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3 Comments on “[PODCAST] Norm Duke Speaks To Coaching Two Handed Bowling”

  1. Norm-I’ll remember you as a person who’s great for the sport. Personal, helpful, caring, passionate about the game, to me-there are very very very few of those who come along. You’re one of them.
    I’ll never forget those tips you gave me. I’ll never be a great bowler, but I coach and enjoy the sport. Now billiards-dang you’d have a very tough time getting me off a table. If you’re ever near Vermont I’ll go for a round of golf with you if you have the time.

  2. Lol, I met Norm at Ron and Miller’s pro shop, all the men are so good at what they do and are commuted to the sport for the living and the fun that it brings, its an honor to have met these amazing guys.

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