Pro Bowlers Tour – 1978 Firestone Tournament of Champions highlights

Earl Anthony wins his 30th PBA title and his second Firestone crown in the final match against Teata Semiz. Chris Schenkel on play-by-play. Dick Weber substitutes for Nelson Burton, Jr. on color, as Burton had qualified in the #2 position for the stepladder finals, but was edged 193-190 by Semiz in the semi-final match. Riviera Lanes, Akron, OH. April 22, 1978

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  1. If you could move left far enough to loft the guttercaps, you wouldn’t be able to bring the ball back on those lanes…with those balls. The conditions were just so different then. It made the game much harder. Today’s players have it much easier. It requires far less skill to be a winner in the new millenium.

  2. Earl had the perfect style for that generation. I don’t believe that style would be successful in today’s game. I had forgotten the old ball returns that went almost to the foul line.

  3. @pizzaguy1966 Well said. There will always be a bigger, better deal that comes along and someone will come along that makes even Walter Ray pale in comparison.

  4. never hurts to have your own shot on the left side that remains relatively unchanged throughout a match either..earl was a classic!

  5. Earl was one of the greatest…in any sport…in the history of the World…miss him as everyone else does…Teata is a class guy, and like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps on going…bring back the old days of the PBA–bowling the way it was and should be

  6. thank you for posting…looking at these videos..earl looks even better…no bowler was as accurate as earl

  7. Earl did not start bowling 🎳 on the PBA tour until his 30s and won 41 titles. Just think how many titles he would have if he started much younger.

    1. And as far as that goes, just think of how many titles he would have dad if he turned some of his many 2nd place finishes into 1st.

    2. Bowled 3 tournaments in ’63 then went back to Washington and practiced for 7 years, 2 to 3 hundred games a week. Wowsers

  8. Is there a way you can load up the entire title match unedited? That’d be amazing! Excellent quality, and seeing Earl at his finest never gets old! Thank you! 🙏❤️🎳

    1. Hi this is BowlingOldies here. When this was first posted, YouTube limited the duration of videos to a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes. I have since turned my attention away from these old videos to my other channel, BrownswickBowling, where I produce and post weekly shows that showcase tomorrow’s pro bowlers (today’s youth bowlers). Check it out. Search YouTube for PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR.

    2. @BrownswickBowling
      I thank you for posting these wonderful old videos. I am not interested in today’s youth bowlers nor to I care too see much of the two handers. I started bowling in 1958 at a six lane house in Hemet Ca. I was nine years old and the Ebonite rubber balls were very heavy with large holes. The best men bowlers at the time had trouble hooking the ball on glass like conditions (lacquer I assume). Having ones own bowling equipment was rare for kids at the time. I think we used house balls until I was 14 when I got my first AMF three dot I believe. Sorry to babble on. Thanks, again.

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