Pro Bowlers Tour – 1979 Showboat Invitational – Roth vs. Anthony

Mark Roth, who qualified in the number four position, defeated fifth-seeded Ernie Schlegel, 235-213, to advance to Match 2 against number three seed Earl Anthony. A classic battle between the father of the modern power game, Roth, and the greatest bowler of all time, Anthony. Chris Schenkel on play-by-play. Nelson Burton, Jr. on color. Showboat Lanes, Las Vegas, NV. Jan. 13, 1979.

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  1. …so great to see this footage…I recall all those Saturdays after junior bowling in the morning, then the televised Tour and its legends…

    1. Amen! Bowled Saturday junior league and Dad would pick me up from the lanes and we’d go home and watch the PBA tour!

    2. I remember watching at my grandparents’ house. The bowlers made it look so easy. Still want to try to bowl 200 one day.

  2. Earl Anthony, one of the greatest if not the greatest.  He was a pure stroker.  Notice how he never muscled the ball.  It’s all technique and it’s all in the arm swing.

  3. The left-handed Earl Anthony was winning tournaments when no other lefty could even qualify on the righty bias lanes of the time. His accuracy and speed control was and is unparalleled. Earl, the greatest bowler ever. Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s accuracy is a solid second place.

    1. I am a left handed bowler and Earl was my hero back in the day. I even wrote a paper on him in high school.

    2. As a lefty and (sometimes) scratch bowler, I agree. Earl Anthony’s rock solid fundamentals and sheer accuracy made difficult lane conditions much less of a factor than for other flashier bowlers who threw “more ball” than he did.

  4. Earl…just as smooth as can be. Never overthrew and always let the ball do the work. He’s just the best ever!

  5. i was childish in my youth and was bitter and disliked Earl Anthony , but as i got older i realized i was pure GREATNESS

  6. Always enjoyed watching Earl Anthony bowl. Being a lefty myself, always tried to emulate his technique when I was bowling.

    1. I always admired his accuracy and composure..Back then reactive resin balls were not even on the market. Though I had 2 perfect games I know you truly had to hit your mark to strike. A perfect game, a 700 series in league and you were worshipped..

    2. @Deborah chesser
      I had my first opportunity in 1994 in a Tourney..Strung my first 11 and I choked..297 game..Got a plaque from the American Bowling Congress…Redemption came in 1999..Bowled 1st 300 in Sept my 2nd in April of 99…I just loved to compete…Such fond memories!

  7. Earl Anthony…wow. Never realized how smooth he was…who needs speed and revs. Accuracy, consistency and simplicity exemplified

  8. Absolutely the best, Earl Anthony. I mean, over 30 2nd place finishes to go with over 40 tour victories? No doubt, the best ever.

  9. I miss the Showboat Las Vegas terribly. It was a wonderful place to go in my youth. Before Las Vegas became “family friendly” The ‘Boat’ had bowling, arcade games, a decent pool, good food, and a killer ice cream shop that sat in between the low side and high side of the bowling alley.

  10. Earl was my favorite bowler, so smooth and a lefty like me. Just bought a book about Earl just the other day–Earl The Greatest Bowler Of All Time. Looking forward to it. RIP Earl.

  11. Love Earl, As a lefty remember watching him back in the day! Not sure if people know he started on the tour the 1st year didn’t make it, then came back and became “Earl the pearl “

  12. Earl Anthony, the epitome of technical bowling. No one else in the current PBA lineup bowels like this. Classic technical vs the original cranker. Its awesome to watch

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