Pro Bowlers Tour – 1991 BPAA U. S. Open (trophy presentation)

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Classic moment in pro bowling history as Pete Weber drops the US Open trophy and it shatters into a million pieces on national television. Chris Schenkel had pre-recorded the reading of the credits, and the network had just begun playing the recording as Pete dropped the trophy. Otherwise, Chris might have been able to ad-lib something. But as it was, Schenkel's voice kept reading the credits as the camera stayed on an obviouisly embarrassed Weber. Lost in this moment is the fact that Weber had won the title match with a 289 game, opening with a spare, and then stringing 10 strikes in a row before leaving 10-pin on his final ball. Originally telecast April 13, 1991 from Woodlawn Bowl in Indianapolis, IN. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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