35 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Detroit Open 07 18 2017 (HD)”

  1. I love watching Daria. Not only because she’s smokin hot but because she genuinely looks like she’s having a good time. It’s a joy to see that nowadays.

    1. Not to mention she’s a fucking beast at bowling. I look like an old granny compared to the look of her ball.

    1. She’s got fantastic energy and attitude! (I know I’m 3 years late, but whatever!) She keeps the game fun while she’s competing and that, I believe, is a key to success. And, she’s a sweetheart, and that’s always nice to see.

  2. Daria saying Verity deserved the title just as much as she did and then seeing Verity’s reaction was so heartwarming and sweet

  3. Pajak even before throwing her first shot just seems like such a humble, optimistic individual. Such a likable attitude and bowler

  4. The YouTube algorithm just randomly decided to recommend this 3-year-old video of a Bowling tournament to thousands of people.

    I can’t complain.

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