26 Comments on “PWBA Bowling East Hartford Open 08 03 2019 (HD)”

  1. I watch your content as much as I can I love this channel as I can’t watch bowling as much at home as I want

  2. During the saving of the edited video (with commercials removed) the audio drifted as the show progressed. So towards the end of the show the audio is slightly out of sync. It wasn’t terrible so I uploaded as is in order to avoid me trying to re-do the entire thing. For some reason my software that removes commercials does not work for CBS Sports so it’s a lot of work for me to manually edit it or YT blocks the video.

    1. @Aine Lawler only the majors & the 3 elite events like this one & the next 2 in Louisville & Orlando will be live on CBS Sports Plus the PWBA Reginal Challenge

    2. No worries man, you do a great thing for lots of us who are outside of the US and can’t see these shows. Thanks for the hard work!

  3. I thank you for doing this for me and others that haven’t been able to watch due to the CBS/AT&T Uverse are in a dispute on pricing and CBS took themselves off, again Thank you very much..😊

  4. Omg, I just really loved when Maria said “pita madre Maria, puta madre” jajajajajajajajjaja

  5. anyone notice how almost every single pro-female bowler bowls the exact same way with slight variations?

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