22 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Fountain Valley Open 06 20 2017 (HD)”

  1. this was hands down one of the most exciting championship sounds I’ve watched. none of the matches were a runaway.

  2. If you typed “Liz Johnson stepladder finals” would you get every PWBA event from the last 10 years?

  3. thanks for this I love to watch things like this my dad got me stared he bolwed a 299 and a 300 once back in the 70s or 80s and I do not have this channel

  4. I think this is a way better production than PBA. On PBA they have lots of bad camera angles that make it hard to watch how people bowl. CBD’s analysis is better as well. It’s like here they are showing and talking about how to bowl well, whereas w/ PBA they try to make it more of spectacle.

  5. Congrats Kelly! your determination, skills and a little luck got you up the podium. Wishing you many more titles coming your way. Verity bowled with skills and authority and her chance will come in the not too distant future. Both champions, well done!

  6. That tip on grip pressure is extremely important. GP plays several roles in control, release, timing, rotation and skid of the ball. Unaware variations in it during the approach can be detrimental to the delivery. As stated, it could be due to a bad fit, or just not given the proper attention. Small part of the delivery, but can pay big dividends with proper usage.

  7. Kelly kulick prevails when verity Crawley left the 3 6 10 on her first shot in the 10th frame to win the fountain valley open

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