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  1. I think Sandra should change her name to:… Sandra GonGorgeous… She is so Beautiful… <3 <3 <3


  3. Wow there are some cuties bowling now!! And they’re talented too!! I always search for pwba and cannot find on my Time Warner line up. Glad you posted this, keep them coming!

  4. This is a good video for many reasons. I have been watching women’s bowling for a long time (I always rooted for Lisa Wagner to lose). Even though the competitors performance was sub-par, it was more watchable than the PBA on ESPN. Mr. Ryan is a good announcer even though having been off he is a little rusty (shutout only applies if the losing bowler hasn’t finished their 10th frame). CDB (Mrs. Ballard) is an excellent pro caller, but in this match she complemented failure too much. The PBA on ESPN is becoming unwatchable, unlike this traditional bowling competition. Between using camera angles so you can’t see the ball hit the pins, boring team events, celebrity bowling, and intentionally miscalculating the bowler’s scores, ESPN is destroying televised bowling. It is good to see the PWBA is filling that void.

    1. drwisdom1 you can actually be shutout prior to the 10th if the current score beats the max your opponent can roll. So if one bowler has 220 in the 9th and the other bowler can only shoot 219 max, they are shut out.

    2. I have been bowling since 1979, was always the person tasked with scoring before automated scorers, and am quite proficient at bowling mathematics. I understand you can be shutout before the 10th frame. My complaint was that you can’t say the second bowler in the 10th can shutout the 1st bowler in the 10th (who is done) when the situation is the second bowler might win or lose based on their 10th frame performance. If a bowler shuts out the other bowler before then 10th, the game is declared over and often goes to commercial not even showing the 10th.

    3. drwisdom1 It has been a while since I read your comment or watched this video. Not trying to trade comments or a back and forth banter over a minor discussion, but to reiterate the point I was making, in match #2 at the 50:00 mark, Dave stated the 9th frame open did Gongora in since her max score in the 10th frame would be 187 and Liz had a double from the 8th and 9th with a 147 in the 7th. Assuming Liz did the unthinkable and rolled a gutter in the 10 as her first ball, that would give her 167 in the 8th with a minimum of 177 and a maximum of 207. For Liz to still lose, she would have had to roll a 4 or less on her second ball in the 10th following the gutter ball. So Dave had a very safe assumption to say the match was over since barring a double Dell Ballard Jr versus Pete Weber repeat, the count was inevitable. As far as your opinions on ESPN ruining bowling, I think is a little unfair. Basically CBS and ESPN has been cycling between Randy Peterson, Dave Ryan and Mike Jakobowski and they all have things that they bring to the show. The camera angles are about the same between both networks. Bowling is declining because of it’s loss in popularity, thus the attempts to do things to get the average bowler interested (Celebrity shows, league shows, king of the swing, etc). Well I hope that you are doing well and you are continuing to enjoy watching and participating with bowling. For me I enjoy bowling wherever it’s presented, bowl.com, xtraframe.tv, PBA regionals, league, local and state tournaments etc

    4. drwisdom1, I’ve been bowling since 1964 and I remember the first televised tournament that I saw was the first Tournament of Champions that Eddie Elias created. That was the first time that I saw Chris Schenkel and Billy Welu. Nothing against Mr. Welu but, I thought Chris and Nelson was a better team.
      I don’t watch PBA any longer because of so many changes in their format. Too much drama, too much grandstanding, the blue oil, some guy that sounds more like a gangsta,(I believe that is the term),and it seems more like going to a WWF match than bowling. I also love to watch the PWBA and hope that they will continue.

  5. “Stone Cold” Liz Johnson…is there any bowler more steady and clutch? Rarely shows any emotion, but is always soooooo focused.

  6. That is some heck of a glasses, Rosio is wearing. Looks like a nerd or a lab rat. Maybe she is stuck in the 1950-60:-)

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