21 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Lincoln Open 07 11 2017 (HD)”

  1. I think Liz needs a break. Last two televised tournaments she has been struggling. Rest up for Richmond

  2. Kelly Kulick (as well as the rest of the ladies) seem like such class acts at the pro-am. So awesome!

    1. Yes, very impressive. But I don’t understand why she doesn’t buy an extra thumb insert, rather than interchanging every time she uses a spare bowl. I’ve seen other pros do this too, and it doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. M D It’s feel. I have several interchangeable inserts, each has a slightly different feel. In pressure situations, I’ll use the same one from shot-to-shot just to maintain feel and confidence in my release.

  3. The problem with power player is sometimes they used so much power which is against the gravity 🙂

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