30 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Louisville Open 08 10 2019 (HD)”

    1. @Bowling Knightz Garage Shop That’s great that you guys were able to be there. Seeing the best professional bowlers play in person is awesome.
      I heard Kelly Kulick give you a shout out when she mentioned your “That was pured!” sign.

    2. Highway 69 yes sir that was very cool of her to do that!

      I’ll definitely be attending another show when I can. It was a great experience!

  1. Once again thank you dear Bosoares for loading. First time I see a 300. Please keep loading PWBA tournaments. Saludos de México.

    1. As long as they have it on TV I’ll upload it. I hate when it’s only on BowlTV because then I can’t even watch, let alone upload here.

  2. I was fortunate to be in the audience for this one. Such an amazing experience and the final match was something to watch! Wow!

    1. @Rebecca W There was someone or a couple of people down on the end who were moving around I think. Some of them moved to seats that weren’t in the players view after that happened

    2. @Rebecca W someone was down there on their phone and after that, they just couldn’t stop moving during the player’s delivery. Scratching nose, fixing hair, etc.

  3. The Poise and composure from Dasha, unlucky for Liz but Dasha was simply amazing to watch. Thanks Bosoares for another awesome upload.

  4. A very big, “Thank You” to Bosoares for uploading the PWBA Louisville Open. Dasha Kovalova is a very friendly, outgoing, free-spirit. Yes, she is a Professional Bowler but doesn’t let the title go to her head. How do I know??? I had the honor of bowling a pro-am with her when she was here in Tucson, Arizona at Golden Pin Lanes back in June …. What a phenomenal season she’s having!! Much props to Liz Johnson for demonstrating that she’s definitely, “a class act.” Although this is the first time I’ve seen her struggle, she maintained her poise and composure to try and finish strong. I met her too!! She’s not as serious as she appears on television which surprised the hell outta me. Way to go Ladies!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE watching you bowl!! Thanks again Bosoares!! ^_^

  5. BSOARES- as always, thanks for an amazing upload. Thanks for giving / allowing the rest of us to support a wonderful sport.

  6. THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! After missing the pocket many times in practice before her match, she’s gone and does THAT against Liz Johnson!? Unbelievable. What a bright young lady with amazing potential and personality!

  7. 45:01 song in the background is “Plume” by Caravan Palace (I’m almost certain) if anyone was curious.

  8. I love when Kelly Kulick narrates…so full of information every good and bad shots she have all the explanation and I’m learning just listening her narrates every player moves and shots..love u Kelly..thank u bosoares for uploading videos

  9. Thank you thank you — so much for uploading this. I do not get cbssports. Kelly Kulick so informative and great at being a commentator. Love watching the PWBA! Hoping you will continue to upload the next PWBA Orlando Open.

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