31 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Orlando Open 08 15 2017 (HD)”

  1. This pattern is such an interesting and difficult TV oil. Maybe it breaks down under TV lights oddly but either way, a very interesting match. Really depended on perfect angles and roll speed for good carry, which Stephanie had for sure.

    And Kelly Kulick is a great commentator. No filler, and always analytical. A natural on TV broadcast.

    Danielle McEwan looks like a deer lmao. Big eyes, pointy chin, and tall haha

    1. Kelly, Shannon O’keefe, Stephanie are my favorites. If we don’t get to watch Kelly , we get to have her as a commentator.

  2. I’ve got something to clarify: Does USBC rules allow bowlers to wear sneakers on the lanes and bowl? Also, why is Birgit wearing sneaker on her right leg?

    1. You can, as long as it is no damaging the lanes. You should have a sneaker that is not the one you walk in with. Like bringing a separate sneaker in your bag or whatever.

    2. blehhhbowling this was done back in the mid 70s Neil Burton wore a tennis shoe on his right foot. for better words traction. I new others as well

  3. How about that 4-count through the nose at 48:40! 5-counts after hitting the headpin on the first shot are pretty common (Greek church, 2-4-5-7-8, 3-4-6-7-10, etc.) but I thought 4-counts were reserved for 3-year-olds barely getting an 8-pounder all the way to the pins!

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