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  1. Did Liz even hit the pocket solid once? Man she’s so lucky gotta way w everything n poor Kelly can’t trip a 4

    1. CleSwag24 “gotta way”? Seriously? You should learn proper spelling before call one of greats lucky.

  2. Ice water in her veins!!!!!

    Always impressive to watch her bowl – especially the last three frames.

  3. Love it when they have 2 people commenting on the same match and they counter what the other is saying…

  4. Liz looks like she is in pain. She never gets overly excited about anything but the look is indeed looking like her knee is acting up!

  5. That’s the gutsiest move I’ve ever seen. After two frames switching from a 4 to a 3step approach on one lane, In the championship match no less! Kelly you are amazing. Wish you had won.

  6. Why don’t ANY of the professional girl bowlers keep there hand BEHIND THE BALL. They always top it and follow through… they suitcase every shot.

    1. That wrist support is designed to keep Liz’s hand behind the ball which is why she can play so straight to the pocket.

  7. doesn’t matter how ladies throw the ball they throw it better then the men there so talented go Kelly you’ll win another

    1. one time accomplishments dont say anything, the simple fact is that overall speed and power, lane play and ball choice has overcome shot making, the top 5 women averages are still in the mid 240s whereas the top 5 men are mid 250s to 260

      occasionally you can have one off matches, but overall the women cant compete with the men at the highest levels.. 100+ years and 1 woman has only ever won 1 mens title

    2. formats also changed 15 years ago so anything pre 2000 will most likely stand as the only 24+ game qualifying rounds are on the open or players championship or masters

      the urethane era was also dominated with short oil of patterns roughly 25 feet long. patterns are much heavier to combat balls and longer as well. the longest pattern pre-2000 was 42 ft and the short patterns now are ridiculously heavy

      hell even house patterns are 20-25 ml of oil as opposed to the old 10. its laughable how little you dinosaurs know about lanes

      even better, ill continue your wonderful women are better bowlers the next time one wins a pba tournament

    3. …. lol. The only woman that throws it nearly as well as the top male bowlers is Daria Pajak. There are obviously others, but she stands above them all.

      Also, your English is fucking atrocious.

      You said bowling wasn’t a gender specific sport in one of your comments, but your original post says the women throw it better than the men. Interesting.

  8. Liz Johnson: 227
    Siti Rahman: 212

    Liz Johnson: 181
    Lindsay Boomershine: 178

    Liz Johnson: 228
    Kelly Kulick: 205

    Johnson Wins!

  9. Liz Johnson was tough in the clutch as she threw some clutch strikes and she climbed the ladder to win the Players Championship

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