30 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Players Championship 08 25 2018 (HD)”

  1. A great win for Stephanie, and a POTY honor for Shannon O’Keefe. Awesome performance by Kelly Kulick. She’s still at the top. The pins give and the pins take away. Stephanie drilled it when it counted in the 10th.

  2. Really felt like this was Kelly’s tournament to win, transition just caught up to her in the title match

    1. Actually Danielle Mcewan has a three step approach.
      Watch her carefully.
      The first two steps are timing steps, then she gets the ball into the swing for her three step approach.

    2. nordattack, I totally agree. I have seen her make the big jump to the left and lose it. She should have balled down or at least change her hand position. By crossing over so many boards ,plus her ball speed looked slow, her ball ran out of energy by the time it got to the pins.IMHO

    3. She has a good heavy roll and she can easily ball down and use weak gear and kill it.
      No need to get into the carnival side show tricks of lofting the gutter cap.

    4. I agree. She lost to a few brooklyns, among other lucky breaks. both ladies brought a good game and executed well.

  3. That was weird. At 7:15 Jordan leaves the 2-4-10 but in the replay of the pickup attempt they mirrored it so it looks like the 3-6-7

    1. Seann Riley Bautista

      If you are talking to me then i never implied that i was. I would think that close to everyone noticed. I just found it weird.

  4. GO STEFANIE!!! Been watching bowl you for years – I knew it would come one day. 🙂 You and Kelly are both incredible players, great match. Kudos.

  5. Kelly was on fire in this one……..Stefanie definitely had the hometown advantage though.

    And FYI to the CBS Sports cast: More Clara Guerrero will never hurt your ratings.

    1. I like seeing more Clara in the booth or even Rocio she’s good too. I’ve heard her sit in a couple times on commentary

  6. This was a epic step ladder final congratulations to all ladies they all.work so hard but the best lady won in the end and i couldn’t be happier for her Kelly will get there

  7. It’s one thing to win your first major, Winning it in your house, makes it that much special. Congrats Stephanie.

  8. I’d like to see Clara doing NFL sideline reporting, “The Patriot plan is kick the ball for 3, Tom Brady has much rage, back to you Yim and Tony.”

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