25 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Players Championship 09 08 2019 (HD)”

  1. If that Ukraine girl gets a little experience….she’s going to gut the PWBA. Her foot work and legs are rock solid. Rare in women’s bowling.

    1. She’s already bowled a 300 on television, she stated she needs to work on her stamina. Maybe cutting some weight will help her toward her goal

    2. @Douglas Harris weight has nothing to do with it look at wes malot hes a flipping bear and hes a great bowler she needs to focus on staying calm and not letting the pressure get her once shes bowling bad

    3. @Douglas Harris Your observation about cutting weight was spot on …. have you seen the “new” Dasha ?

  2. Watching Cherie Tan reminds me so much of watching the late, great Earl Anthony. Similar smooth roll and ball reaction.

  3. Watching Cheri Tan win it is such a pleasure. The alternative would have been to watch Shannon O’Keefe screeching her way to another win while screaming YES!!! with every shot. Good to see a quiet professional who can win with dignity, lol

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