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  1. I don’t know who you are but i love you! thanks for posting all of these to watch when anyone misses it.

  2. Only thing is the Bowler “You’re watching the PWBA on CBS Sports Network” break bumpers getting cut. Especially with the Last one with Danielle that ends with the double graphic w/Shannon Pluhowsky giving the Thumbs Up in the background while Danielle says “…On CBS Sports Network”

  3. 54:38 Carolyn didn’t even let Danielle finish talking… that dejected look on her face after she gets cut off lol.

    1. Guitarzan Quite honestly, it seemed like the whole building was not happy she won!!!! You heard that lame clap when she got up to get her trophy? You could hear a pen drop in that lame clapping!!!

    2. +thegdoat1 Yeah I did, it sounded like the kind of clapping you would hear in a golf tournament. Lame indeed.

    3. They’ve had some timing issues especially for this set of shows, I remember when Liz won the US Open they had to cut away from her sponsor mentions right after she says “Turbo Grip” and then Dave had to finish out the show. For the St Petersburg Tournament they didn’t even get an interview with Shannon. Plus didn’t they edit Rocio’s interview when she won Sonoma county because I know during the Storm sacramento open they showed a piece of that interview that was not shown on the broadcast. I think there should be some overrun, Hopefully that can be fixed for 2018 as well as the continuation of the new production touches that really started at the US open and was used a lot here & st Petersburg (ie the “…You’re watching the PWBA on CBS Sports Network”) and I expect more for the tour championship.

  4. missed up of Shannon breaking my heart nor not make it as champion. nice uploads.. hope to watch in person…

  5. i love bowling i have my own bowling ball my family is poor so we cant get our names ingraved yet(btw i went yesturday)

    1. Your proshop sucks if you bought a bowling ball and they didn’t engrave your name for you, especially since you’re a little kid. Getting your name engraved if it’s a used ball is the cheapest part of bowling besides replacing finger inserts

  6. Shannon best lefty of all time ? i dont know i would say at least Aleta Sill would be my vote thus far ….

  7. Nancy Schenk really loves to see herself in the camera & always had that beatiful smile 😁😁 well i am too so… 🤣

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