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  1. who cares if it’s not making money the athletes will keep bowling alive thank you to the person who keeps up loading because that’s how people will know about it 😀🎳

  2. Wow! Restripo won a tournament with a score over 200! Of course she played an unknown but, as Restripo said once a win is a win . I wouldn’t dwell in the past either. I remember one of her wins was 165 to 134.I think that was against Tammy Boomershine.

    1. fiddlefaddle Ok first of all, how the ladies perform on TV does not fully showcase their skills. It’s ONE game. Anyone can win. And this was a hard pattern too btw. But like I said, one game doesn’t prove whether someone is good or not. Just because Lindsay bowled a 135 on TV doesn’t mean she’s a bad bowler. It’s unfortunate that one game is all those bowlers have to showcase their talent. And then people criticize them for doing horribly when they forget about their amazing performance to even get to the TV show. And also on the part of the “unknown”. Keep in mind Rocio had to beat many of the greats to get to the TV show. Just because she had to bowl an unknown in the title match doesn’t make her “lucky”. A win is a win.

  3. every other sport is on T.V. why not more bowling i know why the powers to be cannot make enough money showing it

  4. Branka’s first step seems to be a somewhat unique but good way to keep timing consistent. From the angles I could see, she doesn’t seem to “pushaway” on this first step, so only has 3 steps where arms are moving. But her second step drops ball straight down so arm catches up w/ feet.

  5. I truly hope to keep seeing these video’s i love bowling and there is nothing really on tv like there use to be

  6. Shannon Pluhowsky: 222
    Maria Jose Rodriguez: 205

    Brandi Branka: 211
    Shannon Pluhowsky: 197

    Rocio Restrepo: 203
    Brandi Branka: 168

    Restrepo Wins!

  7. Girls have so much axis tilt. They should stay under the ball longer. For example Branka, she’s practically around the ball.

    1. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck – got me again. Forgot to prep my Andrew Phillips spoiler comment blocker parchment before loading the video. Please for the love of all that is holy stop this madness before the 2019 tour gets started. PLEASE! Your tourny winner comment on every PWBA video here on this fantastic channel is nigh impossible to avoid without being in full screen playback.

  8. Two immensely irritating finalists to watch: one took nine frames to adjust a hopeless method of attack , and the other (far worse) constantly chattering away to herself. God chants should be banned. Keep your gobs shut ladies. There’s nothing to stop you thinking whatever you like. You don’t need to voice your thoughts outside of the four walls of whatever church you attend. You won’t covert athiests with religious mutterings only convince them further to the contrary.

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