22 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Sonoma County Open 06 14 2016 (HD)”

  1. WELL DESERVED WIN FOR HER! (Don’t wanna spoil it for the ones who haven’t watched yet) I AM ALWAYS ROOTING FOR YOU WHENEVER YOU PLAY. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN MORE TV FINALS!

    1. Haha, thanks for withholding the name, I have a bad habit of reading the comments before these telecasts and never learn!

  2. When I was younger and lighter I rolled the ball like Fen.But still only ave.about 190.Missed a LOT of spares. :- (

  3. Nice bowling Shannon! Hey Dennis, you looked like you were falling asleep early on. Is that trophy also a flower vase?
    Go Double Decker!

  4. cbs has all kinds of sports on broadcast tv it would be nice to see bowling on saturday or sunday afternoon

  5. Oh man, I feel for you Kelly. Those days when it doesn’t matter how you hit the pocket, flush or light, and it just won’t carry. Happened to me the other week when my opponent would come in so light and would carry everything. I hit the pocket dead flush and leave a ringing ten

  6. I’m a Jen Higgins fan; happy to see her make the show. Can`t wait till she wins a title.

    Shannon uses the same ball I do, though…so cheering for her as well.

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