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  1. Terrible execution by Pajak. That ball was so under over, I’m really surprised she didn’t go to something with surface to blend out the lanes. She’s so much better than this.

    1. If I understand correctly, over under means the lane(s) is(are) too easy for the ball, so it over hooks if thrown wide and vice versa. Didn’t seem to be the case for anyone in these matches, a miss at the arrows meant a miss in the same direction at 60 ft.

      She did seem to use something too aggressive, it rolled out at least some of the time.

  2. Damn 3 7-10 splits including 2 back to back. Then Pajak missed a 10 pin the 7th frame, a 6 pin and the women in the 1st 2 matches and Liz missed a 10 pin. Usually that’s not the case with professional bowlers, but we all are human.

    1. B’s Liquor, don’t get me started on Pedersen. Christ, he got on my nerves. When he wasn’t kissing up to Belmonte, he was talking about his three knee surgeries. I just can’t stand Kulick. Yes, she beat Barnes and won the 2010 TOC but, not long after that, she had major problems and now she just commentates. The trouble with her comments are they’re so predictable and as you said, a little long winded. I just wish before I die, I would love to see Shannon Pluhowski win a PWBA tournament. Shes’ won a Queens and a couple of PBA womens tournament but not one PWBA.

    2. Stryker I don’t mind Kelly. She at least talks about stuff an analyst is supposed to. Plus it’s nice having the perspective of someone who knows what the lane conditions are. Fucking Randy and his annoying phrases drives me insane. I can’t stand watching a PBA event with the sound on.

  3. girls were smashing it in the final 12 match play to sort out the top 5 for tv and the difference between those scores and these are ludacris

  4. It’s easy to say that “Daria Pajak missed 2 single pins and she played a terrible match”. Look at her when she puts her thumb into the spare ball and when she releases it, if you pay attention you will realize that there’s something wrong with her hand, which must be either sweated or swallen. In summer I usually struggle when I bowl because of these problems and both cause me to release the ball in the same way she does in this telecast. Of course, a pro should be able to find a solution, but before judging the pros you had better learn what tenpin bowling is and observe what happens. Remember that the pros are humans.

  5. Lately the bowler that has bowled the most on the lanes wins, as opposed to the 1st seed who hasn’t seen the lanes after for some time.

  6. Daria’s smile…… omgoodness!!!! One of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen in my life!!! That alone makes me want her to win!! Her boyfriend is lucky to get to see that smile all the time!!

  7. Kelly is a great commentator. She gives insight on the mechanics of the game and helps her viewers understand and enjoy the show.

  8. I have to watch with the sound muted. These announcers give me a headache with their non-stop useless rambling. We ARE NOT here to listen to them run their mouths. (kulick)

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