31 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Storm Sacramento Open 06 13 2017 (HD)”

  1. CDB going out on a limb and picking Liz to win. (SARCASM)

    I pick Liz to win even before I know who is in the tourney.

  2. 163? Ouch. That’s very uncharacteristic for Danielle McEwan. She’s super talented and rarely bowls that bad. As always, shout out to bosoares for the quality video! πŸ‘πŸ» 🎳

  3. So happy for Liz! You can almost read her mind up to that win that she was questioning her career due to the result of a few matches and the pain she is suffering thru…hence the emotions.

    1. Diah obviously strikes are good, I never said otherwise, I said without a spare game you won’t win

    2. I’m sorry but, I think that we are kinda on the same page but, we’re not connecting. True, someone bowling a bunch of strikes CAN win the game but, if they don’t strike in a few frames and can’t spare, they lose a tremendous amount of pin count and they can lose. I’ve been fortunate to bowl with Jack Jurek, Tom Baker, and Brian Voss and I’ve even had a lesson with Walter Ray Williams and I’ve noticed that they don’t always throw strikes even in a friendly game without pressure. Everyone of them say that spares will make or break a professional.

  4. Watching Danielle bowl in this game was painful. After all those misses you would think her ball rep would guide her better.

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