22 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Tour Championship 09 06 2017 (HD)”

    1. Well we are watching the action for free on YouTube. For the NFL’s least-expensive ticket, we are willing to pay around $81 while for the NBA we would pay an average price of $177.
      I guess when we want to pay those prices for attending PWBA events we can assume the prize fund will soar.

  1. Oh men.. i have really wanted to see Shannon o Keefe’s major win since she got the last title. Great Game Shannon!!!

  2. So happy for Shannon! Kelly had some rough breaks with carry in her 8th and 9th frames, but she bowled well nonetheless also. 🙂

  3. The second match was one of the most exciting matches I’ve seen since the pwba was rebooted. It’s the most energy I’ve seen Dave Ryan have while commenting on these matches lol.

    Also loved seeing Shannon so fired up. We need more bowlers on the tour with her energy to make the sport more exciting.

  4. Shannon in her play with Liz in the tenth frame she did, she almost got to lose her final if Liz managed to achieve Strike

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