23 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Tour Championship 09 18 2019 (HD)”

    1. When Dasha watches the replay she’ll see how her line was messed up by Shannon.
      The move Dasha should have made was left with her feet 2 – 3 boards with a left to right motion into the friction Sannon created.

  1. Leave it up to cbs to put some rediculously stupid win percentage thing up on the screen . If they used it in the 6th frame it wouldve made more sense

  2. Thank you Kelly and Dave’s commentary. Keep up with the good team work. Appreciate Kelly’s analysis on the matches.

  3. I got so emotional watching this shannon is a true inspiration she works so hard and shes a awesome role model congratulations shannon on your amazing 2019 season people dont be jealous and dont be annoyed just be happy for her

  4. wow! incredible how they constructed the lanes for this tournament. would have loved to see a quick video of that

  5. Incredible bowling by Shannon. Very happy for her! Well deserved championship. Kovalova was very classy in defeat.

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