23 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Twin Cities Open 08 11 2018 (HD)”

  1. First comment….Thank you very much for uploading this and all bowling videos for all the enthusiasts. Cheers and hugs.

  2. Roto grip Halo looks like a Virtual Gravity where the pink replacing the orange color. Ball looks nuts! Cant wait to drill one

  3. This year seems like a real changing of the guard: Jordan, Daria, Verity, Josie, Bryanna, Liz K., Danielle, etc.

  4. did liz kuhlkin said ‘good shot’ in the 3rd frame? do i have a problem with my ears or with my eyes?

    1. Sometimes misses are good shots, if it feels good off your hand and through the shot it’s a good shot. Regardless of outcome.

  5. I was in the stands for this event u can see me at the beginning I have a blonde green hair with a bright neon orange shirt next to my dad 😀

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