22 Comments on “PWBA Bowling US Women’s Open 08 06 2017 (HD)”

  1. Daria Pajak is the epitome of the modern 10-Pin bowling swing and release. Dedinitely she will have a great bowling career.

  2. I love when people complain about dominance. Liz has won four of these in a row, the most grueling tournament for the women’s tour. She’s simply one of the greatest bowlers in the modern era. Like everyone else, I have a small crush on Daria Pajak and she throws an incredible ball but she still struggles with control. She’ll get there, I don’t doubt it. But right now, Liz is the greatest and has been for over 20 years, imagine how many to titles she would have if the tour hadn’t shut down.

  3. Erin McCarthy was smart to remain standing and upright between shots.  Sitting down and standing back up repeatedly would have aggravated her condition.  It’s too bad that this happened to her at this time because she is an outstanding bowler.

  4. Oh way to go Liz!!! I am always in her corner. A lifetime of hard work and it shows! Kudos to all those finalists, though. The stamina it takes to bowl over a hundred games in a week is just staggering.

  5. Can we stop the Liz Johnson hate already she’s a brilliant bowler and entertaining to watch. She’s on top. She’s worked hard to get to her level, you can see how much she’s practiced. Her and Kulik. They are the best PBA women.

  6. Trudell!!! So crazy watching you bowl on tv. I remember when you we little bowling at Cranston Lanes in Juniors and against you in Providence Senate Juniors. And look at you now. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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