27 Comments on “PWBA Bowling Wichita Open 07 04 2017 (HD)”

    1. Not much like bowling poorly and still having a chance to win at the end.

      God bless you.

  1. Keep Carolyn as the main commentator please. She knows more about bowling that the other women just think they do.

  2. Kind of ridiculous to tape the finals of four different events all in Green Bay, WI. Bad idea. Not fair for the bowlers or the fans. I assume that it was purely for financial reasons so that they only had to setup for taping once instead of four times. Liz had just gone up the ladder to win three games and take the Players Championship crown (after bowling 36 games in the tournament proper), but then has to fire the engines back up an hour later to try to do the whole thing over again? Not realistic.

  3. If Liz number one how come she started it off she should be up at the top seed not down here at the bottom of the Run so something’s wrong with your Legend isn’t there

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