PWBA Spokane Open – Qualifying (Rd. 2) Preview!

This week's 45-foot oil pattern proved to be tricky during the first round at the PWBA Spokane Open, and we're ready to see the adjustments in Round 2 from Lilac Lanes! Join us for Game 1 of the action, and find scores and more at

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3 Comments on “PWBA Spokane Open – Qualifying (Rd. 2) Preview!”

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  2. 이제는엄지라인이바닥과수평하게해서쳐보시죠.밑으로숙여서치는것하지말고요.이건스트록커입니다.

  3. Tough lanes? The only top pro that I see is D-Mac, and she threw a 258 game. One other woman was in the two-teens, and everyone else mostly shot between 130 and 180. What do these other women have in common? I have never heard of any of them nor seen them on any TV finals. So they are basically the cannon fodder that enters most tournaments and get crushed by the top pros. We all know who the top women are, and only Danielle is seen here. So I suspect that it’s not tough lanes, just mostly low level pros struggling, and that’s why they are low level.

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