24 Comments on “PWBA Tour Championship 09 13 2015 (HD)”

  1. Damn, I should be bowling at Hi-Tor.. I grew up right up the hill from her in Fort Montgomery. I would love to bowl with her, just for stories and wisdom and learning from one of the best.

    2 brutal 7-10 leaves, but otherwise 278 and all strikes in championship match.

    1. +Edward A Oh ya its definitely really hard to skip it manually by moving your mouse 2 inches……

  2. Noone is Hot this girls are amazing I wish I could be more like them and do what they do that will be awesome.

  3. Gotta love CDB relentlessly blaming the pin-spotters for every 7-10 or near 7-10, which is ridiculous, and then making reference to all the EXPIRING (not aspiring) high school and collegiate bowlers who might be watching the final match.

    I would recommend giving Shannon O’Keefe a chance to be the color commentator on some future stepladder finals. I think she’d be great at it.

  4. I was so happy to see the women’s tour come back. Bowling has and still is becoming a popular sport and the women are just as competitive as the men are. Bowling is a fun sport to watch and play.

  5. Danielle, despite TWO pocket 7-10’s, still wins her first title. I think on this telecast every ball she threw was in the pocket and she could have struck. Well deserved win.

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