Randal Dunbar with a Chance at 300 in 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Stepladder Finals

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During the opening match of the 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Boys Stepladder, Randal Dunbar has the first nine strikes. Here's his 10th frame.

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35 Comments on “Randal Dunbar with a Chance at 300 in 2021 PBA Junior National Championship Stepladder Finals”

    1. There is an old adage: “If you can do it with a pencil, you can do it with a bowling ball”.

    2. @TraumaER the average house bowler, even though locally may be “elite” find out what being humbled feels like when they bowl on a sport shot or pro pattern. It’s on another level. the forgiveness you get at your local house is nowhere to be found on those layouts…. the 3-4 boards you tugged it may and usually can come back and carry wont make it even close to the pocket there. accuracy is key for the pros.. and they’ll tell you that. it’s similar in golf where you may be a scratch golfer at the local club… the pros come in and set course records having never even seeing the course until they got there. shits ridiculous. my respect for pro bowlers who actually make a living at it is impressive as hell because for the longest time there was reall little prize money unless you win. the pba purses should be way more than they currently are in my opinion… but i’m nobody. just a rec league bowler and golfer whos should have started younger and worked harder to live a life making a living playing games and seeing the world…. what a great thing that would be. meeehhhh back to reality. hahah but theres always the powerball or mega-millions jackpot…. (sigh)

    3. @XxTREVxX agree. Now try explaining what you said to the casual bowler or league bowlers like I just described LOL. That future ‘pro’ this week barely broke 500 on a league shot. 3 people on my pair bowled 700s. The guy on the team against mine bowled a 770+ and had 2 chances for 300s AND even then, I would not consider that guy either close to pro level (not hating, just facts). I kind of don’t want to waste my time with some of these wannabe pros because if they had any potential, they’d already be found if you know what I mean. Agree, at the pro level, you get about 1 board of margin – sometimes 2 boards. Beyond that, you are just donating to the prize fund. They have a PBA tournament coming up near my place soon and entry is $500+. People are all shocked. I’m like ‘how you think the prize fund is created?’ I swear some of these people walk around in a complete daze unaware of anything or how anything works.

    4. @TraumaER$500 is very reasonable for a pro tourney entry I’d say….if not cheap. i’ve had friends enter regional poker tournaments with no professional designation pay over $1,000. And can you imagine if you could enter a pga golf tournament for $500… sign me up. For the majority of the pros, I believe that the sponsors they wear on their clothing or ball brand used pays for most, if not all of their entry fees depending on the reputation and record of the bowler of course. And yes, there are a lot of sheeple out there who don’t take the time to understand how things work and why things happen. Unfortunately, this is not limited to bowling. For a fair amount of people, and entire families in some cases, this is just a norm that they don’t even question. and thusly, I and I imagine you as well, have many occurences when you want to ask if they notice people always squinting at them after they speak. But you never ask because you know they won’t catch the real reason why you asked them.

    5. @XxTREVxX yeah $500 is a pretty decent price to bowl with the best in the world. People around here think tournaments should cost $40-50 and have guaranteed huge prizes with great ratios where everyone is a winner. I guess that is what society has taught the new generation these days LOL. I would sign up but I got injuries I’m trying to heal from my last tournament in January. Basically I’ve been bowling league with just my thumb and ring finger for about a month now and it sucks haha. Basically I tore all the skin off my middle finger in the tournament because I used way too much rosin and was trying to force revs on the ball. Terrible idea. But yeah people are clueless these days about everything. They think there is magically $25-50,000 in a prize fund every week sitting there waiting for bowlers to collect, and all bowlers have to do is show up with their bowling balls and shoes and bowl LOL!

    1. @CONSPIRACY REALIST – Wow. Even on a bowling video? You need to start charging Biden rent for that space he takes up in your skull.

  1. Great job, Randall Dunbar! To achieve perfection at your age is phenomenal 💪😃… maybe some year down the road, we will see you on the PBA tour- congrats, Randall!!

  2. Can’t believe there were others bowling on other lanes. Everyone in the house should have crowded to watch him try for a perfect game. Congratulations!

  3. Is this the ‘sport’ where the term ‘Get a life’ was termed?

    It’s a bit more active than computer gaming, but not much.

  4. Was really cool to watch! Preshot routine was the same before every approach, same concept as golf, Love it!

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