Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | All About Bowling Balls

PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen talks about everything to do with bowling balls: how to build a bowling-ball arsenal, when to change bowling balls, fine-tuning your fit and bowling-ball maintenance tips.

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21 Comments on “Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | All About Bowling Balls”

  1. The best thing ever learned was throw ball hard and straight at my spares how the hell do these pros not know how to do that why do you carry plastic why do you carry urethane to shoot spares with extra space in your bag that you don’t need to be taking up learn to throw a ball straight that’s simple

    1. I usually only take two balls with me (Urethane and RR), if I really need a plastic then the house balls are a pretty safe bet

    2. Back in the 1980s you didn’t need a spare ball because strike balls didn’t hook much. But with the advent of high powered hooking balls you need a spare ball or you are throwing away pins. You might think you are so good you don’t need a spare ball, but you would be wrong.

    3. @drwisdom1 that’s not true for everyone, plenty of high level amateurs and professionals do not need a spare ball

  2. What happens if I can’t throw the ball the same way twice?! Do I ball up or down? Or put the bumpers up? Lol

    1. @Jake Snussbuster haha oh I know. I’m just being funny. I’m a 2 ball bowler (5 yr old main ball and plastic) that doesn’t aim at marks yet manages 219-225 avg last 10 years. I don’t throw 800’s but I don’t throw 500’s. Always 630-700 generally, avoid splits, and always leave back row single pins. Wish I was able to have an arsenal. I tend to make 1 ball work tho. But I know I could be better if I had a ball for some extreme conditions that come up once in a while (super dry or flooded, or just over/under lanes)

  3. Thanks Randy. Question: I have a 2 ball arsenal, a phaze 2 (solid benchmark) and hyroad pearl (less aggressive), and I was wondering what my next ball should be. I’m torn between urethane and a more aggressive ball than my phaze 2 (maybe asymmetrical? Hybrid)?

    1. You’d probably want an asym pearl or an asym solid as your first out of the bag ball. I personally use the Roto Grip Halo or my Inifinite Physix. Urethane is a good option if you are a two handed player/left handed and want a rounded motion. Solid asyms will almost always be the strongest option you can go for though.

  4. 6 ball bag:
    1. strong purple hammer
    2. semi strong purple hammer
    3. medium purple hammer
    4. semi weak purple hammer
    5. weak purple hammer
    6. plastic spare ball

  5. This is a very informative video by Mr. Pedersen. He very quickly enumerated the basics of modern bowling equipment and made great recommendations based on his extensive experience.

  6. My smashed inner lower left leg agrees vehemently regarding fit… don’t just”its OK”…. if it’s not get it fixed. Not only your games can be effected… I’ve been in a boot for 3 weeks now…

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