Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | How to Properly Hook a Bowling Ball

PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen talks about how to properly hook a bowling ball, how to target on the lane, how to shoot corner pins and how to increase your strike percentage.

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16 Comments on “Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | How to Properly Hook a Bowling Ball”

  1. Really makes me miss Bo Burton. When in the heck is the PBA going to change the announcing team? So freaking stale…

    1. Absolutely rediculous listen to Bo or Marshall what did Bo bring to the telecasts yes the balls were simple blocks and cores but Randy’s technical overview is far superior to anybody on a regular basis. I myself am a huge Kelly fan but maybe a little too technical for many of the viewers. Marshall in my opinion if you listen to him he really seems that He has not kept up with the game and really was not able to add much to a telecast. The shows in the last 10 years that there was an option who is going to be the color guy and when they opted for Marshall the telecast just we’re not too good go back and watch them. No now If you don’t like Randy’s humor OK we could all debate about that but I think that Randy and Rob is by far the best combination the PBA is ever had.

    2. He doesn’t know when to shut his VERY LOUD pie hole. It’s why the guys on tour love him so much 🙄. Just ask a few especially after a beer or two. His one liners are so old… Recently, he and his partner Rob Stone once said a young, new player bowling for the first time on TV said “This guy looks like the kid that in HS you would buy a bag of weed from”. I have no idea why he is still on air. Norm Duke recently retired and is loved by fans AND players. He’s respected… He would be a solid choice to provide the bowling perspective. Recent too… When was the last time you saw Randy wiff a single pin?

    3. @Jason Gordon Technical overview? Basic bowling instructions that are all over the internet. Normally, he calls lane play completely wrong. Uses his pen to draw the line the players are going to use and then he isn’t even close. Time for new/old faces to freshen up the show. Tell me you don’t like it when Belmo or Troup or… gets in the booth and they run circles around him.

  2. Hey Randy I don’t know if you look at the comments but I stood up for you everybody wants to beat up on you really appreciate all you do for the game and when are you coming out with another CD I still have my copy remember it’s Bowling night!

    1. Another CD? How about a new 8 track for your Pinto? Cool that you are a fan but trust me, many are looking for something more.

  3. By FAR the best bowling tips video I have seen. Thanks for this! Can’t wait to put these tips into practice.

  4. You talk about the wrist cup and uncup in the release. Can you (if you haven’t already) do an instructional video only on the release?

  5. Thanks Randy. These videos are great and very beneficial to getting better at bowling. I’ve gotten more consistent with making 10 pins because I moved as far left as I could, aiming at about 3rd arrow. I struggle with stringing strikes, and I think my biggest weakness in that regard is hitting what I’m looking at.

  6. 1:31 I know what Randy is saying here and I know why instructors say this kind of thing, but be careful with this kind of message! Sometimes cranking up the rotation is actually correct – again, I know what he means when referring to people “trying to make the ball hook too much”, but I feel like there is a LOT of misinformation out there about axis rotation and “coming around the side of the ball”. There are definitely situations where it’s fine/normal/correct, but a large % of instructional videos kind of imply that being a full roller with 0 rotation is the “ideal” way to release a ball, and that’s just not a universally true thing.

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